What you have to visit in Algiers

After Bejaia, we are interested in Algiers today and things to do and see in our nice old capital.


From Nôtre Dame d’Afrique to DounyaParc, by way of a tour in the city center and the Casbah, they are 16 things you have to see and do in Algiers.

1-Visit the Grande Poste and soak up history

A mythical building in Algiers, the Grande Poste is breathtakingly beautiful and transports us through the decades that it is known and close since its construction in 1909. Today it is in the “Poste Museum and information technologies that the Post will be transformed. A logical evolution as a matter of fact.


2-Go around the Casbah and enjoy the view it offers on Algiers

History always, with the inevitable Kasbah of Algiers, this old citadel, the top of its millennium, the rest of the lifeblood of the capital.


Through the narrow streets, you could discover some artisans always present, to linger on the commemorative plaques (the martyrs have used the Kasbah to hide from French oppression) or visit Dar Khadaouedj El Amia-current National Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions – and the vue it offers of Algiers, without forgetting Dar Hassan Pasha and its patio.


In short, the Casbah is a must-see!


Price of the museum ticket: 200 DA


3-Go antiquing., buy vinyls and boost the craftsmen’s work


Flea markets, bookstores and old bookshops, not to mention the street vendors of vinyls, postcards or other old posters will not end up making you love hunting for the rare gem.


For good addresses, take a look at:

-L’Etoile d’Or, streetDidoucheMourad 

-The Khemisti Garden (in front of the Great Post Office)

-The Words Library.


4-Go to Our Lady of Africa and other places of worship

 Ensconced at the top of Bologhine, “Our Lady of Africa” ​​is a wonderfuf basilica, which is to be visited alongside other religious places, like Jamaa El Kebir (Place of Martyrs) and Jamaa Erahma (KhelifaBoukhalfastreet). 

This place of worship, located not far from the Vatican Embassy and managed by it, so it will welcome you every day from 10am.


5-Take the cable car to the Palace of Culture or Shooters 

See Algiers from above is an experiment you have to try once. From the Palais de la Culture, Riad El Feth, El Fassillés (El Annassers), El Hamma and Bab El Oued, this means of transport makes you appreciate Algiers in a different way. 

Price of the cable car ticket: 20 DA (0,2 euros / 0,3 $)   


6- Stroll and marvel at the Jardin d’Essai 

The try Garden  is the holiday resort of the center of Algiers. Sheltering 3000 different species, some very rare, the Garden gives to appreciate a unique flora.
The Garden welcomes you every day except Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm in Winter, and from 10 am to 7 pm in summer.

The ticket price is 60 DA for adults (0.6 euros) and 30 DA for children under 15 (0.3 euros). Do not miss : The alley of the plane trees  


7- take a dipto the Canadian beach  

The commune of Aïn Taya is very appreciated of the summer visitors thanks to the “Canadiennes”, name of one of its beaches with fine sand and absolute quite in pre summer season.  


8-Go on a picnic or a hike on the side of the Park Dounya

 Inaugurated at the end of 2013 and Spreadingmore than 750 HA, crossing 4 communes (OuledFayet, DelyBrahim, Cheraga, Baba Hassan), the Dounya Park offers a life-size play to the hikers of Sunday and / Or nature lover. Picnic tables, a natural lake and its wildlife, as well as for children’sgames will have finished conquering you.  


9-Enjoy the view of Algiers from the hotel El Aurassi 

Fondly known as “the air conditioner” by the Algiers because of its rectangular shape, the El Aurassi hotel (5-stars) dominates the capital and gives to appreciate a beautiful view while sipping a glass of your choice from its terrace or its wintergarden.  


10- Attend live music at the National Theater of Algeria (TNA)  

Ex Opera of Algiers, the Algerian National Theater was restored in 2008 and houses concerts of the National Symphony Orchestra, plays and other cultural events. With a capacity of up to 800 people and located in the heart of the old town, the TNA is an undeniable step. 

Price of the ticket of the performances: 200 DA (2 euros). 


11-Lunch at Tangerstreet and take a cofee in Tantonville 

Between these various tasks, you will have to think to satisfy yourself and nothing better than a lunch at less than 500 Da in the famous street Tanger and its fishspecialty. After lunch, think of joining the whole by a coffee or a dessert at the Algerian institution that is the Tantonvillecoffee. 

Cost of the gourmet break: between 800 and 1000 DA (8 to 10 euros). 


12- Walking in El Hamma and chilling its 4 wonders 

El Hamma needs to up it game and especially 4 small wonders. Thus, in addition to the Jardin d’Essai, the neighborhood includes the Museum of Fine Arts (the largest collection of African art), the Ottoman villa Dar Abdeltif, and the cave Cervantes. This cultural triptych is to be visited every day of the week (except on Friday) and you will be able to immerse yourself in the history of the place. 


13- Discover the metamorphosis of the Télémly district 

Known for its monstrous traffic jams, the Télémly district is expected to be shortly thereafter. With an underground gallery, a flea market, a second and a third gallery without forgetting a coffee with a relaxing decoration, Télémly becomes “The place to be” for the aficionados of cultural outings.    


14-Breathing the view from the Ezzahira Balcony 

Located at the top of a cliff of 20 meters, the EzzahiraBalcony (ex St-RaphaelBalcony) (El Biar) gives an impeccable view of Algiers, which you will have to appreciate even if only once. 


15- Soak up the port of SidiFredj 

The seaside resort of SidiFredj has something to dream about! Between its complextourist, work of Fernand Pouillon, its lighthouse and its harbor, there are enough to spend moments of escape. Take a walk through this architectural marvel, you will not be disappointed! 


16-Visit the Botanical Garden of the hotel El Djazaïr 

With more than 200 botanical species, a lush nature and frame distantfrom the bustle of the city, the Botanical Garden of the El Djazair Hotel (Ex St George) is a stopping place to be included.

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