What you have to see in Oran

After Algiers and Béjaïa, this time we focus on the western capital, the attractive Oran.

The second city of the country and a real metropolis in the making, Oran can give rise to a trip from one week to 15 days, with a backpack. Taking advantage of a varied hotel offer (from 2 to 5 *) with excellent service and hospitality, unlike Algiers, the city has something to attract tourists.

We list below 15 things to do and see in El Bahia for an unforgettable stay in the city that never sleeps.


 1-Go up to Santa Cruz

Dominating the city of Oran, the fort and chapel of Santa Cruz are a legacy, like so many other places in the city, of Spanish colonization. Dating from the 16th century for the first and the 19th century for the second, both places are not to be missed.


 2-Have a coffee in Loubet

The shopping and chic district of the city, Loubet faces the sea front and has the right to beautiful terraces, where you are advised to have a coffee or an ice cream. Addition: 300 DA .


3-Relax at the Khemisti Park, a popcorn bag in hand

 Just like in Algiers, a JardinKhemisti is to be found in the downtown area, which welcomes family, children, and young groups of friends, who come to breathe some fresh air. Street vendors of popcorn and other foods to eat on the go will complete the experience. 

Addition: 30 Da


4-Tanning on the Andalusian side

Beach of Oran, it gives right to a bracket of relaxation and a unique view, not without recalling the landscapes of Bejaia.


5-Visit the old town of Sidi El Houari

Equivalent to the Kasbah of Algiers, Sidi El Houari is the old town and the popular district of Oran. An annual ballad takes place every May 1st and gives to discover the vestiges and the History of the places.


6- Make a pilgrimage to Disco Maghreb

Mecca of the raï, the label Disco Maghreb was the first to launch Cheb Khaled, ChebMami or ChebHasni. Always present in the city center, the plaque of the label recalls to the good memory of this kind.


7- Shopping at the Michelet, Bastille or M’dinaJdida

MarketShopping in Oran, there’s nothing better! In a popular atmosphere, you will have fun making good business and discover crafts, clothing or even lovely baubles in remembrance.


8- Walk downtown, from Ben M’hidi to Place d’Armes

From Ben M’hidi Street, the future host of the Museum of Modern Art of Oran (MAMO), via Hochi-Minh Street, to the Place d’Armes much further, the city center is The heart of Oran, which does not disembark either day or evening.


9- Admiring the Seafront Boulevard

Lung of the city center, the Boulevard of Front de Mer is a call to the ballad, one wants for proof the hordes of summerers and inhabitants to find there in the evening.


10- Visit the Pasha Mosque and St-Louis Church

Built in 1796 at the level of Sidi El Houari, the Hassan Pasha Mosque is a step to make in its stay in Oran, if only for the beauty and history that emerge from this place of worship. St. Louis Church is also a step to include in your journey.


11- Chilling in Aïn El Turck 

Tourist village located 15 km from Oran, Aïn El Turck double population during the summer season when the beaches of the municipality are taken by assault by the summer visitors of the region. During other seasons, Ain El Turck remains to be seen and appreciated, far from the hubbub of the city.


12- See Oran High through the Promenade Ibn Badis

Built in 1847 by the French colonization, the walk Ibn Badis (former promenade of Létang) gives a breathtaking aerial view on Oran.


13-Visit the wonderful City Library

The old cathedral of the city, the Oran library maintains a neo-Byzantine architecture intact and a haven of peace for those who wish to work or just admire the place.


14-Lunch at the port and take a paella at the “Mediterranean”

The Port of the city – and the restaurants present – will welcome you with delicious food with obviously fish on the menu. The “Le Méditerranéen” restaurant, located in the city center, offers succulent paellas.


15- Walk in the forest of Canastel:

Located outside of the city, the forest of Canastel is the hangout of the joggers and the families, the space for picnics being there.

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