Timimoun: the oasis of red ocher of the Gourara

The city of ocher Timimoun in the wilaya of Adrar is emblematic of the oasis cities of the country. Between the Great Western Erg and the plateau of Tademait stands the ocher city Timimoun, in the wilaya of Adrar. The main oasis and the capital of Gourara, the town has a traditional architecture adapted to […]

Travel in the Sahara desert, Oasis, treks and camel treks

Desert lovers consider Algeria to be the country with the most glorious and diverse sites. More than sand, the Algerian Sahara has a lot to offer with dunes and breathtaking landscapes that stretch to the horizon. This place fits you perfectly if you are looking for a stay to recharge your batteries. This place fits […]

Algiers: What you have to visit – Sights to visit

What you have to visit in Algiers After Bejaia, we are interested in Algiers today and things to do and see in our nice old capital.   From Nôtre Dame d’Afrique to DounyaParc, by way of a tour in the city center and the Casbah, they are 16 things you have to see and do […]

Oran, hotels and sights to visit

What you have to see in Oran After Algiers and Béjaïa, this time we focus on the western capital, the attractive Oran. The second city of the country and a real metropolis in the making, Oran can give rise to a trip from one week to 15 days, with a backpack. Taking advantage of a […]

Bejaïa: What you have to visit – Sights to visit

Mythical caves, inviting population and preserved biodiversity, Bejaia has not finished making you dream. This millennial city is full of places more splendid than the others, and we took pleasure in listing some. Formerly named Bougie, due to the manufacture and export of candle wax in the region, this coastal wilaya of 300,000 inhabitants is located […]

Annaba: What you have to visit – Sights to visit

After Bejaia, the other pearl of the east of the country, Annaba, is also has to be discovered. Through 10 major steps in Classic art Hippone, we offer you virtual guided tour in the so-called 4th largest city of the country.   1 – Walk and breathe the fresh air on the side of Boulevard […]

Ghardaia, breathtaking oases and palm groves

Ghardaia is the capital of the Mzab Valley, located north of the Algerian Sahara, about 600 km south of Algiers, 200 km south of Laghouat and 200 km west of Ouargla.The Mzab is one of the most sought-after areas of Algeria for cultural, leisure and educational tourism. Many Algerian and foreign visitors discover each year […]